How do I connect the Pala Privileges card?

How do I connect the Pala Privileges card?

You can enter your card number and pin from the connect card logo in the top navigation.  
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    • Can i earn reward points without a Pala Privileges card?

      Yes you can earn rewards points without being signed up or connecting your Pala Privileges card. In order to claim a reward, you need to sign up and connect your card.
    • How do I get a Pala Privileges card

      It is very easy to sign-up for the Privileges program. Once you join the program and link your account with the Privileges card, you can start redeeming the reward points from the social casino app for awesome comps in Pala Casino ...
    • What is necessary to claim the reward?

      In order to claim a reward, you must go through the claiming process and meet the applicable eligibility requirements for the pala privileges program. You must be registered in the pala privileges program and connect your privileges card to the ...
    • What if I get disconnected from my tournament?

      If you happen to find yourself disconnected from your tournament or you missed the invitation, please take the following steps: Log out completely by clicking the log out link in the upper right corner. Log back in with your email address and ...
    • What can a player do with rewards points?

      Reward points can be exchanged for pre-determined rewards in the rewards store located in the MyPalaCasino app. The reward, description, value, and quantity will be at the discretion of Pala Casino Spa and Resort.